As the body of Christ we want to shine light and be examples of a united community pursuing growth physically and spiritually daily. Unified, connected, and invested is our goal and dream for the people of Uganda! One new program that we have implemented here in the last few weeks is the Tukwatanise Boda Program. We are excited to see and hear the positive feedback as we go deeper into linking and empowering the local community members of Rukungiri. The Tukwatanise Boda Program is a two-year lease to own motorcycle program. Members of this program attend fellowships twice a week where we dive into scripture and prayer. The program is designed not only to create jobs, but also to create new connections, fellowships, families, and brotherhood.

Boda Bodas are the main means of transportation within towns and villages in Uganda. These motorcycle taxis will transport anything from people, to furniture, to supplies. Boda drivers are pivotal in the growing market, but their job does not lie in high regard amongst the community. The reputation of the group as a whole is less than admirable. The Tukwatanise Program, translated as Unified, aims to change that perception and way of thinking. The two-year program aims to teach each Boda driver about everything from finances and savings to responsibility, faith, and integrity. The most important aspect of the program is the spiritual challenge and encouragement for each member: pouring into each person’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

One way we are combating the negative perception of Boda drivers is through our “Side Job: World Changer” Act. Every week each member of the Tukwatanise sets aside a certain amount of money that goes towards a community development fund. After every 3 months, the program as a whole goes forth into the community and provides services and/or support with the budget saved. We have a matching program that goes towards this budget. Every extra Ugandan Shilling donated to this program by a member of the Tukwatanise Bodas will be matched and doubled. As a whole, we are excited to see the growth and positive change that we can make to encourage and empower the local community! Please join us in prayer as this small group of guys grows into a family and into men of Jesus! Lord willing we will mature as a program and organization and be able to accept more and more willing applicants to join us on this adventure we call life. If you have any questions or want to get involved in this ministry, please email us at Thank you all for your support and prayers!

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