North Kigezi Diocese 

The NKD is part of the Church of Uganda they are a Jesus-loving, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Anglican Church engaged in the mission of Jesus Christ in today’s world. The Bishop of NKD is Rt. Rev. Benon Magezi. We have been longtime friends of the diocese since 2013 when Collin came to Uganda for the first time. They have truly welcomed us to Uganda and because of their generosity Rukungiri has become a home away from home.


Chilli Children

Chilli Children Trust is a Christian charity working to improve the lives of thousands of children in Uganda, Africa.

Chilli Children Trust supports the North Kigezi Diocese Growers, Orphans and Disabled Children’s Project based in Rukungiri. The Project Team help orphaned and disabled children in 4 districts at the very South Western end of Uganda, bordering Rwanda and DR Congo. Based in Rukungiri, ‘The North Kigezi Diocese Grower’s, Orphan’s and Disabled Children’s Project’ seeks to identify and support needy children and provides access to Chilli growing for income, Education, Life skills, Medical outreach, and Surgery.

The Project Manager is Mrs Evas Nahabwe, who is supported by a small team of 5 staff.


The Shepherd Center

The Shepherd Center cares for street children of Kabale District in Southwest Uganda, as Jesus Christ called us to look after orphans. The Shepherd Center provides a safe and loving home for them to be nurtured, educated, counseled, and reconciled for a better future. In time, these children will be transformed emotionally, physically, and spiritually into good citizens profitable to themselves and the community.