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Garuka Primary School

Unified in Mission has many facets to the organization with the education sector being one of them. Our goal is to provide children with a safe and encouraging place to let their imagination and creativity soar. Education is valued with the highest regard in Uganda, and knowledge is greatly respected. We are honored and humbled to present the finished Garuka Primary School! We would love to thank all who joined us in blessing the Garuka community with a primary school for 200+ kids. Join with us as we take the next step to motivate, encourage, and challenge children to dream big and to pursue those dreams! Every dollar donated goes directly into the costs to maintain the school, providing the children with books and materials, and providing educational scholarships.

Water Tanks

We have built water tanks for schools and individual homes. They range from $150 to $2,000.

Individuals tanks

  • Help 2-5 families have access to clean water
  • Cost $150 to complete
  • Collects rain water (rains 9 months out of the year)

Large Tanks

  • 5,000 liter and 10,000 liter tanks
  • Cost ranges from $1,500 to $2,200
  • Typically built at schools and training centers
  • Collects rain water and stores for future use

Shillah, and her grandmother. Shillah is 14 years old and in S.1

Shillah, and her grandmother. Shillah is 14 years old and in S.1

Child Sponsorship

Currently we have 25 individuals in our sponsorship program. We have children in primary school all the way up through Univeristy students. We charge $35.00 a month unless it is a speical case, in which we talk to each sponsor on an individual basis. The donation covers their tuition, uniformss, and supplies for school. We do weekly home visits with each child to ensure that we are very present with them! Family and community is important to us, so we want our children to feel and know that we are UNIFIED!

The next phase of child sponsorship will look drastically different. We are building a training center that will host, educate, challenge, and empower the youth of the Rukungiri Distric. We are excited for the opportunity to grow and educate hundreds of youth in local communities!