In this blog we just want to update you all on what has been happening recently and highlight some of the mile markers for Unified in Mission.

            First of all, we have fundraised $7,450 of our $10,500 budget for our airfare and there is no way we could have done what without the support of our family and friends. There really is no greater expression of love than to have our loved ones support us in this mission whether that is financially or spiritually. We have felt all of the prayers flooding in and God has been opening doors. Though we still have along way to go to reach our goal of $30,000.00 we fully believe that God will bring that money in. A wise woman by the name of Sierra Hicks once told me that the easiest thing God can give you is money, and with that truth we remain hopeful for the future.

            Second, we fly out March 22nd for Uganda and the anticipation is killing us! We can’t wait to begin this journey and we know that it wouldn’t be possible without all of you! Satan has been trying to create doubt about what this trip means and it has been a continual process of dying to flesh and clinging to Jesus.

           And finally, after Uganda we will be heading to China to do some ministry work there then after that, we will be headed to the Philippines to work with an organization called Ameurasia Ministries. The need for financial assistance is high here and we ask that you consider donating. While in the Philippines we will be remodeling a house and a lot of supplies are needed for this, painting and flooring. If you want to join us we would love to have you!

This is just a short little blog and we hope that it is just as encouraging to you as it is to us. Again, thank you so much for all of your love, support and encouragement.