Let's just give a big shout out to our main man Jesus! Lots of big things have been happening here for Unified and all the praise and glory goes to God! So first off, let's talk about land. 

As many of you know we've been on the hunt for some land where we can lay the foundations for Unified. After failed attempt, after fail attempt we were feeling downcast just kind of questioning whether or not we were going to find something. We would go see a piece of land that would be absolutely perfect, just what we were looking for but then something would go wrong. I feel like life can be like this sometimes. We have our plans, our wants, and desires but sometimes they don't match up with what God wants for us, because he has something better but we can't see the forest for the trees. We have this idea in our minds of what we want to see or what we want and we get so stuck on that, we can't see something that's right in front of our face. Until we open our eyes, sit back and rest in Gods guidance we don't see it. That's kind of what has happened with the land. 

We have this friend here named John, an incredible man really, with a very savvy business mind and ability to see an opportunity and take advantage of it. John owns a significant amount of land in a near by village. He heard that we were interested in purchasing some land so he contacted us. Normally he wouldn't want to sell land because once he passes away it will go to his children as an investment property for them, but you see, John is in a very unique situation. His wife Panina is in the hospital and she is not doing very well. About a month ago she had a stroke, she was recovering but she fell ill again and now she needs to have a surgery that she can only get in India. This will be very expensive about 25,000 USD. John is the kind of man whom would never ask for money so instead he will sell property. In more ways than one God has taken control of this situation and he is orchestrating it so perfectly. All the opportunities for land where something went wrong was just God saying, "no not this one, be patient. I have a plan for Unified and if you would just trust me it will all work out". However, it was still very discouraging to see land, think it was perfect then it just wouldn’t work out. Little did we know God had a greater plan. In purchasing land from John we get to do a business deal with a friend, a man we trust, and we get to help him get money to save his wife. The land we are buying from John is about 3-4 acres and it's going to be for a permanent residence. We are purchasing it for $10,000 which obviously doesn’t cover the total cost of Panina’s surgery but it still helps out so much! I am just in awe of how God has moved in this situation and it’s a good reminder to just relax sometimes and trust him.

God has taught me a lot in this situation and though we still have a long way to go with fundraising I know that we will get it, because money is the easiest thing God can give. He has opened every door for us to walk through and it has been so encouraging to witness how he has been moving and how he has been present in all of this. Just wanted to update you all on the land situation so you can see our progress and so you can see just how much your prayers mean because there is no way this would have happened so smoothly if we didn’t have God on our side.

I’m sorry the blog posts have been so spread out, there has been a lot going on here and it has been hard to keep up with everything. Once things start to settle down you’ll start to see some more blogs. 

If y'all could, please keep Panina in your prayers, she has begun to find some healing but still has a long road ahead of her. She needs to recover more before she can be moved and its looking like a 5 month process for that. She is a wonderful woman and I know God can heal her and all your prayers help so much!