So a couple of weeks ago I mentioned on the Facebook page that we have had a lot of good things, big things, happen for Unified in Uganda. So here is just a little sneak peak of what God has been up to.

            In January of this year we were able to purchase 4 acres of land in Uganda. Talk about a huge, huge blessing! When we were in country we would tirelessly look at different pieces of land, constantly getting our hopes up, getting super excited, then something would fall through. After some back and forth communication with the banks here in America, we were finally able to do a wire transfer and now we have some land to begin building the foundations for this organization. God has provided everything, down to every last detail and we are so excited to get back and begin creating a home. Our plans and vision for the land is to build a permanent residence, piggery, chicken coup and farming/gardening. These are some of the community projects that we want to get started so we can start providing some jobs for the locals and also create a way of income for us while we are out there.

          Paul, the greatest missionary we know, even had a way of making money while on mission. In Acts 18: 1-3, we learn about how Paul partnered with some local Jews and began work as a tentmaker. “Then Paul left Athens and went to Corinth. 2 There he became acquainted with a Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, who had recently arrived from Italy with his wife, Priscilla. They had left Italy when Claudius Caesar deported all Jews from Rome. 3 Paul lived and worked with them, for they were tentmakers just as he was.” Paul has laid such a wonderful model of what it means to be a missionary and we believe it is important to follow. If you research more on Paul and his job as a tentmaker you will learn that it was crucial to his ministry and God truly did use the skills that Paul already had to further the kingdom. That is such an encouragement because it just shows that God will use all of us in ways we never could have expected or imagined.

          The next big thing for Unified is that the church of Uganda has given us permission to use 25-30 acres of church land for the airstrip, child support center, primary school and more community projects. In January they had a meeting and presented our proposal for the land and it was approved. We are so blessed to have the support of the North Kigezi Diocese and I honestly don’t know where we would be without our “African Father” Rev. Enoch Karamuzi. God has weaved so many lives together for this ministry and it brings so much peace to know that He is with us. Once we get back in country we can begin mapping out what using that land will look like. We have some big hopes and dreams for that land and we pray that God will continue to provide the funds and support to make those dreams a reality.

          Right now I would say that those are the two big things that are directly related to Unified. Some of our partnerships on the other hand..we have some exciting news! When we were in country we had the opportunity to do some school visits with our friends over at LADA. LADA is a Ugandan run organization in our home village of Rukungiri. LADA took us to one school that is located on the boarder of Queen Elizabeth National Park. They took us there and shared their concerns for the school, the elephants in the park often destroy the buildings and they constantly have to patch them. The conditions are pretty rough so we have decided to partner with LADA to build a new school. The school will cost approx. $12,000.00 USD so we are currently trying to fundraise for that as well. This falls under our vision of community projects and we are so excited to be able to partner with our friends to make this happen.

         Another great partnership is with Adventures in Mission. In September I (Amanda) had the opportunity to work and partner with a group of girls that were on the World Race. The World Race is an 11-month discipleship program where they get to travel to 11 different countries in 11 months doing a different ministry in each country. Really, just such an incredible organization with a great commission. While they were in Uganda a part of their ministry was to find local organizations and get them in touch with Adventures in Mission in hopes of creating partnerships for future teams. Needless to say all the girls and I hit it off and they were more than excited to share Unified with AIM. After some back and fourth emails with AIM we were told that we would be hosts for a team in October to November. Seriously this is so cool and we are pumped to be able to partner with such a huge organization. These are just some of the ways God has continued to show favor over Unified and we are constantly just blessed by all of the things He is doing. If you want to check out AIM and the WR here is the link:

            Well we just wanted to give you all a quick update on what God has been doing. We hope to continue to be apart of the work God is doing in Uganda. Thank you all so much for your support, love and care!