I have only been in Uganda for 3 days and have already been blown away by God’s goodness and provision for Unified. A couple of weeks before coming to Uganda a mutual friend put me in contact with a woman named Martha Brown. She and her friend have founded an organization called Lighthouse Community Centre Uganda. They are actually an extension of The Lighthouse Community Service Center of Lynchburg Virginia, which is so wonderful because Lynchburg has been a very pivotal place in my own walk with Unified and Uganda. We started talking and realized we would be in Uganda at the same time so we organized a time to meet and I conveniently was able to attend the grand opening of their clinic in Entebbe Uganda.

            What they do is simply amazing. They have partnered with a local church called Cornerstone Newcity Church who is pastored by a man name Daniel and is he an amazingly passionate man who wants to make a serious change in the lives of Ugandans. The clinic they opened is mostly focused on fighting sickle cell anemia, diabetes and asthma. They flew in a man from Kenya named Dr. Jack Kaguu Githae who works at the herbal research clinic in Nairobi Kenya. He is such a wise man and he has been able to create medicine that is affordable and actually combats the effects of sickle cell anemia. While I was listening to the testimonies of some of his patients I really truly saw the hand of God working through this man and this ministry he has. He is a very strong Christian and gives all of the credit to Jesus and it is so evident in the smiles of these children and the joy these mothers have to know that their children have a chance at a healthy life.

            In Uganda 25,000 children a year lose their lives to sickle cell anemia and most of those children are under the age of 5 years old. The symptoms of sickle cell are almost impossible to communicate because these children are so young, and so many of them die because of the lack of affordable medicine. Dr. Githae wants to change all of that and Lighthouse has made that a possibility. Their dream is to have Dr. Githae come to Uganda monthly so he can treat these patients and teach other individuals his methods so they can spread all through out Uganda. After speaking with Martha she is just as passionate at making a difference not only in Entebbe but places like Rukungiri. I will admit that I have been blind to that kind of suffering and I truly believe God brought this to my attention so that we could maybe one day have Dr. Githae come to Rukungiri and have a clinic to help the sick and lead them to Jesus.

            Dr. Githae told us that he doesn’t even need a clinic because he just wants to meet the people where they are at so he can help them find healing physically, and spiritually.  When God wants you to meet someone, or places someone on your heart to get to know, you must always follow through. I don’t really know if anything will come from this but I have learned that God is always on the move and he is orchestrating things we could have never thought possible. I plan to keep in contact with Martha and Lighthouse because we may one day be able to partner with them and have them come to Rukungiri and change the lives of these people whom we love dearly. I know that everything that happens is no accident and I can’t wait to see what God does in these three months because he has already done so much in just these 3 days. Hoping to keep you all updated as much as possible! Thank you for your support, love and prayers! God is seriously on the move and it is so exciting!