Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since I have written anything, I have been traveling so much, its crazy. I don’t even know where to start. I recently went to Europe to visit a friend that I met who has an international ministry called Ameurasia. Her name is Amelia Baumann and she has set up some pretty cool stuff. Her non-profit is based in Davao City in the Philippines and she lives in Germany. While I stayed with her I got to travel to 4 different countries which was so incredible, but also very exhausting. I am now back in Rukungiri settling back into things and it has already been very adventurous!

            Mind you, this may sound like I am complaining but I’m just laying it all out there so you can see how great God has been and how much he has provided for me while I have been here. So my flight traveled all night and for the life of me I could not fall asleep. I had a couple of transfers so by the time I got to Uganda I was just so exhausted looking forward to resting. When I got to the hostel my room wasn’t ready yet so I decided to go the mall to go and buy some groceries. I got in the car, all ready and excited to be back even though I was so tired, I went to start the car and it was dead. Just totally and completely dead. WHY?!? My first reaction would normally have been to be like why me, this is the worst. But God has been opening up my heart a lot more to seek his joy in all circumstances. I went inside and asked the hostel if they had a jumper to help me start my car, they didn’t but have no fear, Ugandan’s are super creative and can use just some random wires that are lying around.

            Here is one of the reasons why I love Uganda so much. Just one of many. The manager of the hostel was sleeping so he was unable to help me but the owner of the hostel, Frank, was there ready and willing to help. Frank stopped what he was working on and came to help me with my car. He worked on my car for about 3 hours, and finally there was enough juice in the battery to drive it, he told me to take his phone number just in case. This was good he did that, as I was driving the car, I got 10km away and it just completely shut off. I cried. Just exhaustion and everything that could go wrong kept going wrong. I went to go call Frank but I didn’t have any airtime (minutes), so I had to go and walk to the nearest place that sold minutes, got some then got back to the car. I loaded it called Frank and he was there in like 10 minutes. Because the battery died I couldn’t get the windows to roll up so we unloaded everything from my car to his, then he had a friend come over and watch the car for me.

            Frank spent the next 1 to 2 hours with me looking for a new battery and a mechanic to help install it. He took me to only people that were his friends so I wouldn’t get over charged and he did all of the negotiating for me. After everything was all settled and figured out he didn’t ask me for anything, In the beginning of the day he referred to me as a client, by the end of the day he called me his daughter. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for people like Frank. People in Uganda are incredibly loving and will always go above and beyond to help you. I just keep thinking that I don’t know any hostel owner in the states that would spend their whole day with someone renting a room at their place. To make it even better, Frank is a Buddhist so we got to have a really good conversation talking about our beliefs and our lives. I learned a lot from Frank and I can only think that God had all those things happen so I could meet this man and grow to love this place even more. Being here alone as a woman can be kind of scary at times, especially in those circumstances, I don’t know what I would have done with out Frank, he was truly a blessing and a good reminder to always seek the good in all circumstances, even in the bad ones.

            There is so much peace to be found when you rest in God’s love for you and that’s what I have been learning out here. God loves us so much and we don’t even have to try. Satan comes at us with little things like being tired, and a battery not working, or not having minutes to call someone for help. We just have to claim the name of Christ and just rest in the love he lavishes upon us. I have a friend that verbally tells Satan to back off all the time and at first I was like man that’s silly, but I have slowly begun to do that and it just fills me with joy. Not today Satan, not today. I know that is does kind of sound silly but Satan is about and around us every day, he tries to rob us of the joy that is freely given to us through Christ. We do have to arm ourselves everyday and learn to operate on Gods time not our own because its in that frustration when things don’t our way that Satan sneaks in and slowly takes our eyes off of Christ. That day did not go how I planned but I guarantee you it went better than I could have hoped.

            Living here is a very simple life, I go to bed around 8:30 or 9 then get up around 5:30 or 6 and then just go with it. That day that all the terrible happened I got a email from this thing called All Devotion, some how somewhere I got signed up for it. That day the message was that you are not alone. And that was so true for me that day and everyday. We are not alone and when we begin to believe that we are, Satan focuses on that and makes us believe we are isolated and there is no one there for us. All lies. As I prepare to leave this place to come back to the states I know that I have made everlasting friendships here with these people. 2 years ago if you had told me I was going to be living in Africa I would have said you’re crazy, but look at me now. I’m not perfect, I have made lots of mistakes but God sees past that and sees this heart, the people here see this heart. I have grown to learn about a type of love that is fueled by Christ. Just resting in his love for me, letting it fill me up, then taking everyday as it comes, the good and the bad.

            I guess what I am trying to say here is, you’re not alone, God is right there beside you loving you. When we hurt, he hurts with us, when we are experiencing so much joy, he is right there with a huge smile on his face, no matter what the circumstances in this life we have to rebuke the lies from Satan and cling onto the truths given to us through Christ. If things don’t go according to our plan, its okay, because we are on God’s time and his plan, which lets be honest, is much better than ours anyway.

        Things to be praying for, we are currently in the process of purchasing land for Unified and we need to fundraise $5,000.00. We know that God will give us this money so if you could support that with prayer we would be so grateful! If you feel God leading you to donate, even if it’s just a dollar that’s awesome and we feel the love! We have some children that still needs sponsors so be praying for that as well. Last thing just pray that Jesus continues to work here in this place. Rukungiri is such a special place and if you ever get the opportunity to come here, take it. God has moved so much here and he will continue his work here. I have grown to love this place, as Enoch would say, “A home away from home.” I can’t tell you how true that is. Well thanks for the love and prayers!