We arrived in country at 3:15 in the morning, so tired, so exhausted, and just ready to go curl up into our beds and sleep through morning. However, that’s not exactly how our arrival to country panned out. There’s something special about Uganda, and that is that most things don’t always go according to plan. We call it “Africa Time”. In July Uganda changed their visa policy from visa on arrival to applying online before you travel to obtain your visa. They did this to speed things up in the airport and to make the process quicker, but like I said, Uganda is special. They still do visa on arrival so we decided to just get our visas in the airport. Of course we picked the slowest line, but at 3:15am I think any amount of time feels slow when you’re that tired. So in typical Ugandan fashion, things were very delayed. Come to find out the network was down so anyone who had an online visa could not process it and they had to go through our lines. The network is always spotty, so this was the perfect welcome back home! By 5:30 am, just before the sun was about to rise, we were tucked in at our favorite Backpackers Hostel. Uganda here we come!

        Ever since we landed on May 21st we have been incredibly busy. When we were home in the states, we were fundraising for a truck. We decided that we needed a truck to aid us in projects and picking up teams. So our first step in country was going to all the bonds to find a truck. If you’ve ever been to Uganda you know how crazy the capital city is. Kampala is always busy, there’s always a jam somewhere, motorcycles left and right not obeying traffic signs, taxis all over the place and now we even have Uber. Our plan was to stay in Kampala for 3 days and then head down to Rukungiri with a truck. We searched high and low, not really finding anything, and then God seriously delivered us a car out of the blue, exactly what we were looking for. God blessed us with a 2008 Toyota Hilux, diesel, 4 wheel drive, and manual. There a huge cab for teams and there have only been two owners in Uganda. Finding this truck was so encouraging and also such a relief to have found one so quickly. We organized all the paper work and low and behold, the truck was the exact amount that we had fundraised. How great is our God? Like seriously, he’s amazing and constantly meets our needs.

        We took the truck for servicing, making sure everything was safe and in working order before we finally began the journey to Rukungiri! We arrived in Rukungiri at 11:45 at night after a long 7-hour drive from Kampala. Unfortunately we ran into some hiccups when we got home. No one had lived in our house for the 3 months that we were gone, which meant that the house had not been cleaned in three months. Dust covered everything and cleaning is the last thing you want to do when you travel so long, so late. We struggled with being frustrated at the circumstances before us but chose to seek the joy in the fact that even though everything was covered in dust and on top of that, power was also out, we were home. Satan can come at you in so many different ways. It was easy to fall into the frustration that our home was not prepared for our arrival and our first night was spent inhaling dust, but as Collin said, “hey we signed up for this.” True, we signed up for a life abroad sharing that love of Christ, and we may not have signed up for dust all over everything but we chose a life that Satan hates. What we are attempting to do here terrifies him, and he is going to try to make us miserable every step of the way. Making the little things seem like big things, trying to rob us of our joy, to distract us from the calling that is before us. God is with us and he has gone before us. He is leading us every step of the way and we are so excited to see what he has for us here!

         We have some new and exciting things coming our way in this next year and we are working hard to transform lives here in Rukungiri. We have some dreams of a boda business, a coffee shop and creamery here in town and also a training center on our land in Kebisoni. We long to see the people of Rukungiri introduced to a type of life that is full of surprises, unexpected miracles and transformation from death to life through Christ. We hope that with this training center project we can help children excel in school, learn about Christ and also have a place that is safe if they ever need somewhere to go. We also want to teach the local adults English and hold Bibles studies so we can all grow together being a community established and rooted in Christ. We will have more information coming soon about this training center and how we hope to make this dream become a reality. Thanks so our family and friends who have supported us so far we could not have done it without your prayers, encouragement and financial support. Keep your eyes opened and your hearts ready to receive that joy that is before you!